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~~When addressing your pet's or dog's teeth cleaning and dental care it is crucial to get periodic assessments from your Vet and not wait until your pet's condition becomes painful and/or infected. Sadly, our Chicago dental Vets are rarely faced with a routine dental cleaning for our animal patients. In fact, oral surgery and periodontal therapy would be more appropriate terms for what we handle during our ‘dental appointments.’

Whatever it’s called, in order to fully evaluate the oral cavity of our patients, it is imperative that each pet be anesthetized. It is inhumane (painful and stressful) and drastically inferior medical care to evaluate the oral cavity of a pet without sedation. It is estimated that over 60% of dental pathology lies beneath the gum surface. To simply remove the plaque or tarter from a tooth is just a cosmetic procedure, and does not address or resolve your pet’s true dental problems and pain.


25% 25% 25%



                                   excluding painkiller, x-rays, blood work, antibiotics and etc.

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